Friday, April 10, 2020

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Make sure to update the ios to latest -  ios 14.6 or Latest

Worked iPhone 7 - 12

Must update system version to ios 14.6or Latest (otherwise it will not work)

1.Remove the yellow sticker then Insert your sim card with unlock chip ( watch video )

Make sure you have wifi connected and the Latest version of the ios installed ios 14.6 or Latest

2. Wait for activation and continue to reach the home screen, wait for a popup menu then select

Press “ICCID Mode”

Enter new iccid code: 


After that pass send and Accept
3. Follow screen act your phone

4. Done and Unlocked. 

5. if no signal for 'Metro PCS Sim card' on any iPhone getting message "No service", You need to call customer care to activate phone IMEI on your account to get the service

Installation sim card with the chip video

How to reset the chip
if you want to change the iccid code.but popup menu not show up. you will need to reset the chip.
1. using the anther sim card with the chip input to phone. the chip will be reset.
2. after than input you carrier sim card the chip popup menu will show up at activation mode screen. 

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